Madden NFL 2017 Official Strategy Guide

Product DetailsMadden NFL 2017 Official Strategy Guide
by Daniel Herrera
Prima Games
Retail Price:  $14.99
Amazon Price:  $11.02

Book Description:  The Madden NFL ’17 Standard Edition Guide includes…

Game Winning Plays: We give you the top 17 plays in Madden NFL 17. Easily find which playbooks have them and the strategy behind what makes them the best.

Pro Tips from the Game Changers: Get expert advice and in-depth strategy from highly skilled Game Changers, Zan and Litzout. Always know what to do and when.

Customize Your Team: Learn what makes players great and how to utilize them. We recommend the ideal schemes for a variety of playbooks and how to get the most out of your players.

Madden Ultimate Team: Understand the new features of this game mode and build a team with the best players in each position to dominate the competition.

Fantasy Football Tips: Get everything you need to know about the world of fantasy football by using our mock draft and drafting strategy. Then stay informed with the most up to date information by unlocking a free digital eGuide!

Free eGuide: Unlock the enhanced eGuide for bonus videos of the top 17 plays in Madden NFL 17.


I love playing Madden, and have been playing it for years, but each year they come out with a new game and there is always so much to learn. That is why I always get the current Prima Guide for this game and it never disappoints.  This year’s guide has some great pointers that help you build your skills.  It gives complete listings of all the different modes in the game including Connected Franchise, Ultimate Team and the brand new mode Draft Champions.  If you are looking for insider information that will give you a competitive edge, this strategy guide is a must have.  There is so much information shared that will really help improve your game.  It covers just about everything you need to become a better player.  Since the book is relatively inexpensive, it is a must have for players of all skill levels.

~Reviewed by Dave H.

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