Periodic Tales


Periodic Tales
By Hugh Aldersey Williams
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Book Description:  Like the alphabet, the calendar, or the zodiac, the periodic table of the chemical elements has a permanent place in our imagination. But aside from the handful of common ones (iron, carbon, copper, gold), the elements themselves remain wrapped in mystery. We do not know what most of them look like, how they exist in nature, how they got their names, or of what use they are to us. Unlocking their astonishing secrets and colorful pasts, Periodic Tales is a passionate journey through mines and artists’ studios, to factories and cathedrals, into the woods and to the sea to discover the true stories of these fascinating but mysterious building blocks of the universe.



I am not a “science guy” so I wasn’t sure that I would find this audiobook interesting.  However, it was given to me as a gift and I face long commutes everyday, so I thought I would give it a try.  I am really glad I did.  The audiobook was full of fascinating information and the narrator did a wonderful job in presenting the material in an interesting way.  You can tell the author is passionate about this topic and and is pleased to share it with his audience.  I learned so many interesting facts that help me to understand our world a little bit better.

~Reviewed by George C.

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